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NFT Values

NFTs represent ownership of a digital object. These tokens can be thought of as a certificate of ownership. Anyone can download the digital object, however, and often the artist retains copyright of the image, meaning they can in practice sell exactly the same image again. Some individuals compare buying an art NFT to buying an autographed print.

The Rise of NFT Artists

A digital asset diverges in two important ways. First, what is of value is the code of the token that the digital asset is attached to, not the digital asset itself. The certificate is “the original”, while the digital asset is easily reproducible. Second, there is no legal cross over between ownership on the blockchain and copyright laws in real life. If I obtained access to, downloaded and displayed a digital asset that didn’t belong to me, while there may be legal implications for the artist protected by copyright laws, the owner of the NFT has no leverage. 

NFT Artists

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